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First Team Sports Equipment

Volleyball Sports Equipment from First Team Sports, Inc

First Team Sports, Inc. located in Hutchinson, KS manufactures a full line of outdoor and indoor volleyball equipment. 

Our volleyball product line includes competition level volleyball systems, volleyball nets, volleyball judges stands and padding.  First Team also offers portable volleyball poles designed for competition and recreational use.  First Team is your best choice for a top quality portable volleyball system

The outdoor volleyball poles and nets are among the best in the industry.  First Team outdoor volleyball posts provide bowstring tight volleyball net performance and all weather durability.  Our outdoor volleyball net systems are great for use in commercial park settings or as a backyard volleyball set

The volleyball nets can be adjusted up and down for all types of net games.  So whether you are looking for competition level indoor volleyball poles or a great volleyball set for your backyard, First Team has it covered!


Competition Volleyball Systems

First Team manufactures three types of indoor competition volleyball poles. Our Frontier system is made from aluminum. Aluminum volleyball poles are extremely rigid and provide bowstring tight net tensioning. First Team's Astro volleyball system is manufactured from aluminum. Aluminum volleyball sets are lightweight and easy to transport. Our Galaxy indoor volleyball system is truly unique. The Galaxy is manufactured from titanium giving it the rigidity of aluminum poles, yet the lightweight benefits of aluminum. Click on the options below to learn more about First Team completition volleyball poles.

Recreational Volleyball Systems

First Team manufactures three recreational type volleyball sets. Recreational volleyball systems are great for city parks, school playgrounds, church recreation areas or backyard settings. These units are also a great choice when budgets are tight. Our QuickSet volleyball poles are the most economical and best performing in their price range. The Blast volleyball system is manufactured from 4"x4" square aluminum posts and is a great choice for grass or sand courts. The Stellar volleyball set is manufactured using 3 1/2" diameter aluminum coated with an attractive silver vein finish. The Stellar may be used indoors or outdoors. Both Blast and Stellar volleyball post systems allow the volleyball net to be adjusted up and down for all net games, including tennis. Click on the links below to learn more about First Team recreational volleyball sets.

Portable Volleyball Systems

First Team manufactures two types of portable volleyball systems. Portable volleyball poles are a great option when installing floor sockets is either not possible or not desired. Our Horizon competition portable volleyball set is the right choice for settings where competition level volleyball will be played. The RollaBlast is the one to choose for upper level recreational volleyball is expected. Both units are available with or without a volleyball judges stand. Click on the links below for more information about these great portable volleyball systems.

Volleyball Pads and Accessories

Let First Team outfit you with everything you need for professional-level volleyball play in your home, business or school. We carry competition volleyball nets, volleyball antennas, post padding, custom pad lettering, net cable covering, judges’ stands, volleyball drill carts, ball carriers and much more in this awesome selection of volleyball pads and accessories. These products are designed to make play safer and more fun for players, refs and bystanders on and near the court. Our products come with industry-leading warranties and are made with durable, top-of-the-line materials for long-lasting use.

We’re happy to help you find the appropriate volleyball net for your unique needs. Whether you need a regulation net and padding for your school facilities or want a professional-grade backyard volleyball system, First Team is the best place to start. We supply competition volleyball nets made of no-stretch Kevlar and knotless, woven webbing for a professional look and long-term performance. Additionally, we have competitive-grade volleyball post padding that meets NCAA, USVBA and the National High School Federation rules for safe play.

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